10 Mile Time Trial 27 June


It was a decent evening for our last trial of June – 1 month to go! Cris Coxon of Mitre was a comfortable winner with a long 20. Tim Holmes became the 17th BECC competitor of the year. Remember it’s the Open 25 on 9th July for which we want competitors (road bike and TT bike) and marshalls.

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Cris CoxonBrighton Mitre20.54
Karl RobertsonWorthing Excelsior21.55
Richard BurchettCrawley Wheelers22.15
Brian MolloyBrighton Mitre22.26
Ian CheesmanWorthing Excelsior22.45
Jez ParsonsTMC22.46
Martin TicknerHorsham Cycling23.15
Jez ShotterBrighton Excelsior23.48
Sam DixTrainsharp24.34
Tim HolmesBrighton Excelsior25.27