10 Mile TT 18 June 2024


Mitre came out on top in our annual interclub event despite the best efforts of Alex, 
Ed, Scott, Tim, Aidan and Lydia. Well done to all our riders and chapeau to the 2 Marks and the rest of BMCC.

Mark DayBrighton Mitre22.20
Mark ShaferBrighton Mitre22.30
Kevin PlummerTMC22.42
Jack SmithBrighton Mitre23.01
John McDonaldTrainsharp23.07
Alex HarveyBrighton Excelsior23.29
Ed JarmanBrighton Excelsior24.07
Scott BarthaBrighton Excelsior24.46
Philip WaldmanBrighton Mitre25.07
Tim HolmesBrighton Excelsior25.16
Aidan McDonaghBrighton Excelsior27.11
Lydia JordanBrighton Excelsior28.30
Matt SmithTMC30.11