British Cycling and Club Rides

A risk assessment for all club activities is recommended as best practice by British Cycling. We have used their template to prepare the attached one for our club runs. The routes, people and conditions change every week and some risks are out of our hands but it is our responsibility – and that of individual riders – to be as thorough as possible in reducing risk.

The point about individual responsibility is important. British Cycling make it clear that riders participate of their own volition based on their own understanding of the risks. The contents of the risk assessment are not rules handed down by British Cycling but demonstrate that the most relevant risks have been considered and that there are mitigating actions in place to minimise danger.

The document reiterates that the club’s BC insurance does not cover members but provides liability cover for ride leaders and club officials. Should any claim be made, BC’s first actions would be to establish whether individual riders were riding in accordance with the Highway Code and respecting the many points in the risk assessment, rules and etiquette guide.

We’ve also added a couple of BC videos below about the safest and most efficient ways to do group riding and through and off – which is also known as the chain gang.

Risk Assessment

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