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Brighton Excelsior - Adult

Yes for over 16s. You don’t have to join the club to try out a ride or two. Have a quick read of the Rules and Etiquette page. It’s also a guide to who can ride and what to bring. If you’re worried about your pace, try out the Blue Run first. If you want to practise, make sure to include some hills, but you’ll improve the quickest riding with us.

We are a friendly club and we don’t leave anyone behind. On Blue and Red runs we will make every effort to keep you in the group. It’s natural to be a bit off the pace, especially at the end of a ride but we are happy to wait for you. We’ve all been there, you’re not holding us up, it’s part of the process of becoming faster.  The yellow run is a faster ride, we will still try to keep you with us but, because of the higher effort levels, it’s possible you will lose touch. In all cases the routes are available in advance so you can prepare yourself.

We have an archive of previously published TT results which will be on the website in future. For open events you can check the Cycling Time Trials website.

Yes, if it’s not Christmas Day, the Sunday rides go ahead. We would potentially cancel for extreme weather (hurricane/snow) or global pandemics but you wouldn’t be coming out then anyway!

Sorry, we don’t maintain a list of former club records. Current TT records can be found on the site.

Maybe but it needs to be a big and novel. Please bear in mind that many of our members ride 100+ miles for free in Sussex every week so they won’t be interested in paying to ride 50. Neither will they raise much money doing something they do every week.

VC Jubilee - Youth

Please read our VC Jubilee club ride section and then fill out our new rider online form. This will give us the information we need and we will know to expect you on your first ride

On our normal MTB Saturday session we will usually do a skills session in the first hour and then ride for the remaining 2 hours. This may be shorter or longer depending on what is planned but will always be suitable for the group’s ability.

Any mountain bike in a roadworthy condition is fine for our MTB rides. It must all be in good working order with 2 working brakes, gears and knobbly tyres. Please check your bike a week before your first ride to give you time to make any repairs or adjustments. Our coaches will check your bike first time and can refuse to take you out if the bike is deemed not to be safe.

A mountain bike helmet is a must have, you will not be able to do any activity with us unless you are wearing one. The rest of the clothing is up to you but here are some tips:

  • Dress for the weather (sunny, rain, wind or snow)
  • No loose or baggy clothing, tracksuit/shorts and t-shirt is fine.
  • You don’t have to wear cycling lycra or a jersey, try your first few rides before making pricey investments.
  • Some cycling gloves or mitts.
  • Trainers or sporty comfortable shoes
  • Only wear clothing you do not mind getting wet or muddy!!!

Apart form your bike and suitable clothing you only need to bring your helmet and a drink. You may also want a snack like a biscuit/cake bar for some extra energy.

If you know how to repair a puncture or use tools you can bring them as well. We would expect older riders to know how to fix a puncture or basic maniacal on their own. For the younger riders our coaches will be on hand to help fix things which may go wrong on a ride.

We meet at the main entrance to the park, the south entrance.
As you enter the park we meet in the car park immediately on the right hand side.

General Enquiries

Club members can be added to WhatsApp groups for Blue Runs, Red Runs, Yellow Runs, Thursday Rides and TT news. The group admins reserve the right to request participation first or to remove you.

Email for other questions.

VC Jubilee

Email for any questions or queries regarding the youth section