10 Mile Time Trial and Interclub


On a good time trialling night, we finally had a proper turnout with 25 on the start line. Ed was the fastest on the night but Brighton Mitre once again took the honours. The individual times are below. Next week’s evening TT is a 25.


Ed JarmanBrighton Excelsior21.25
George BentleyNeighbourhood21.32
Paul ThatcherBrighton Mitre21.39
Ian CheesmanWorthing Excelsior22.29
Jack SmithBrighton Mitre22.33
Peter MadaraszTMC22.33
Zak NewmanSussex Revolution VC22.37
Jez ParsonsTMC22.43
Vince FreemanSussex Revolution VC22.56
Ben CumpstoneBrighton Mitre23.56
Darren KingRCC24.09
Scott BarthaBrighton Excelsior24.11
Ben WarleyBrighton Excelsior24.14
Joe MellorNeighbourhood24.24
Brian MolloyBrighton Mitre24.24
Gemma Lewis24.59
James StoneBrighton Excelsior25.03
Philip WaldmanBrighton Mitre25.21
David BaileyBrighton Tri Club25.26
Ben IbSussex Nomads25.56
Michael ThyerSussex Nomads26.59
Adam RussellBigfoot CC28.14
Ted FountainSussex Nomads28.27
Robin JohnsonBrighton Mitre28.37
Matt BinnsBrighton Excelsior29.38