10 Mile Time Trial 11 May 2021

Our first 10 of the season got off to a cracking start despite it being very windy in places. This week saw two juniors topping the leader-board, with excellent times and only seven hundredths between them!

Full Results

Dylan HicksIsorex20.53
Lukas NerurkarVC Londres20.53
Ed JarmanBrighton Excelsior21.55
Kevin PlummerTMC22.04
John TindellBrighton Mitre22.17
Simon TaylorBrighton Tri22.19
Mark DayHunt RT22.26
Jack SmithBrighton Mitre23.27
James StoneBrighton Excelsior23.28
Steve WoodbridgeGS Stella23.51
Brian MolloyBrighton Excelsior24.51
Bruce EnglishEastbourne Rovers25.03
Tom SandersonPhoenix25.30
Louis BoultonVC Jubilee26.33