10 Mile Time Trial 2nd May 23


The first 10-miler of the season was held in sunny conditions although a sneaky wind added some time on here and there. It was good to see some less regular faces taking part from BECC and Dan took the honours for the scratch series. Winner on the night was Howard Shaw with a 20:36 that is brilliant this early in the season.


Howard ShawTMC20.36
Nik AllenTMC20.57
Kevin PlummerTMC22.38
Jez ParsonsTMC/BECC23.06
Sam DixTrainsharp23.12
Louis BoultonVC Jubilee24.02
Brian MolloyBrighton Mitre25.20
Dan GraceBrighton Excelsior25.29
James StoneBrighton Excelsior25.34
John FergusonBrighton Mitre26.26
Rick O'NeillBrighton Excelsior27.58
BECC Scratch Series
Sharon ChladekBrighton Excelsior20
Ed JarmanBrighton Excelsior57
James StoneBrighton Excelsior53
Chris LordBrighton Excelsior39
Louis BoultonBrighton Excelsior35
Mick FrancoulBrighton Excelsior32
George HarveyVC Jubilee20
Dan GraceBrighton Excelsior20
Jez ShotterBrighton Excelsior19
Rick O'NeillBrighton Excelsior18
Joseph SavilleBrighton Excelsior17
Ben MillerBrighton Excelsior16