Rick Stringer

alpine pass with switchbacks

The Club has received the sad news that our President, Richard Stringer, known to all as Rick, has recently passed away aged 82.

Rick joined Brighton Excelsior Cycling Club as a teenager in the 1950s. The Club
became a major part of Rick’s life for well over half a century onwards. His name is repeatedly engraved on many Club trophies, from track racing to 12 hour time trials, and he held several club records.

Among his extensive cycling experiences were unsupported club tours to the Alps, Dolomites and Pyrenees, as well as to the furthest corners of Britain.
Rick supported club activities in so many ways, including club run captain; social
events organiser; time trial rider and marshal; timekeeper and pusher off in our club events.

Rick and Valerie (Val) Stringer’s contributions had earlier been recognised by being made honorary members of BECC. Rick’s passing comes just a few weeks short of their diamond wedding anniversary. Our deepest condolences go to Val.

Rick’s celebration of life ceremony will be held at Worthing Crematorium on
Wednesday 8 March, at noon, and afterwards at a suitable local hostelry.