5 Mile Time Trial 26th April 22


It was the first big turnout of the year for our final 5-mile TT and there were some excellent times, with 6 going under 11 minutes.

Charlie was pushed down to third this week thanks to a car that overtook him and then immediately held him up. Could he have caught the guys in front? We’ll never know but Lukas was well clear.

Amanda Gent took the honours in the women’s event with Tamar picking up more points in the BECC scratch series. Our leading man on the night was James. The men’s scratch is still headed by Spencer who has ridden all 4 events so far with Jez and Ed close behind.

Lukas NerurkarTrinity10.21
Daniel HawkesBrighton Tri10.49
Charlie HeffernanHunt RT10.50
John MitchellBrighton Mitre10.53
John TindellBrighton Mitre10.58
Lawrence CoylePrecise Performance10.58
James StoneBrighton Excelsior11.25
Adam GentProgressive CC11.33
George HarveyVC Jubilee11.37
Aiden JamesLoughborough Uni11.43
Jez ShotterBrighton Excelsior11.47
Jez ParsonsBrighton Excelsior11.57
Vince FreemanSussex Revolution VC12.12
Alex HarveyBrighton Excelsior12.15
Scott BarthaBrighton Excelsior12.34
Darren LaingRCC12.37
Louis BoultonVC Jubilee13.04
Lee ParkeBrighton Mitre13.05
Spencer BellBrighton Excelsior13.33
Amanda GentProgressive CC13.34
Dave BarnardVC Etoile13.38
Tamar ColemanBrighton Excelsior15.25
BECC Scratch SeriesFinishesPoints
Tamar Coleman238
Debbie Woods118
Spencer Bell438
Jez Shotter337
Ed Jarman234
Scott Bartha330
James Stone230
Jez Parsons223
Alex Harvey17