5 Mile Time Trial 5th April 22


We’re back in business with a great turnout for the first 5-Miler of the year. We had women riders, an excellent BECC representation and a load of road bikes. These TTs really are for everyone.

Old friend Matt Smith took the honours in the men’s event with Tracey Williams winning the women’s.

Tamar Coleman tops the women’s standings in the BECC Scratch series. Ed Jarman heads James Stone in the men’s.

RiderClubTimeBECC Scratch
Matt SmithTMC10.19
Martin GibbsTMC11.05
Ed JarmanBrighton Excelsior12.0720
Jack SmithBrighton Mitre12.13
James StoneBrighton Excelsior12.3119
Jez ShotterBrighton Excelsior12.5218
Roger Hutchings13.00
Tracey WilliamsBrighton Mitre13.09
Scott BarthaBrighton Excelsior13.1317
Philip WaldmanBrighton Mitre13.16
Spencer BellBrighton Excelsior15.0516
Tamar ColemanBrighton Excelsior15.5520
Debbie WoodsBrighton Excelsior16.4119