Women: Time Trialling Needs You!

Female cyclists of Sussex. I’m Tracey from Brighton Excelsior and I have some questions for you:

Do you enjoy your club rides?

Do you want to challenge yourself in 2022?

Have you ever taken part in the ‘Race of ‘Truth’?

Would you like to hear about the local TT racing scene from a female perspective and ask all those questions about TTs you’ve ever wondered about?!


Sadly 😔 the 2021 season is almost at an end, but happily 😀 there is a whole new season to get ready for!

There are a couple of female club members who regularly take part in TTs but you are exceptional! (literally).

I’m on a mission. I’d love to see more women taking part locally and regularly. If you have never taken part in a TT or have questions about anything to do with TTs then this event is for you. Everyone is welcome including TT novices, members of other clubs and solo cyclists.

There will be 20 mins from me and 20 mins for you to chat and ask questions.

Message us and I’ll send you a Zoom link nearer the time. You don’t have to speak. If you have non-club friends who might be interested, let me know.

See you / ride with you soon.


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