Sunday 25 July 2021
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We asked our Facebook Group about their 2016 cycling goals. Find out how the conversation unfolded and what the club is doing to support their ambitions.

Andrew Waller: I’d be happy to beat this year’s total mileage and to do a club TT at some point (After the popular New Year's Day TT our evening series starts on Tuesday 29th March).

Scott V Maslin: As I was sorting out my schedules for the year, I decided my aim for 2016 was to ride at least 2016 miles every quarter... and to ride at least one BECC club run a month! Doubling the number of sportives I do, trips to some of the UK’s notable hills, and holidays in Wales, Scotland and Yorkshire will help. This year is the first year I won’t be leaving my bike at home!

…I forgot to add, I'd like to actually find and take part in a 10 mile club TT (Scott failed to find the car park at Tanyard Lane, Steyning, BN44 3RJ one night in 2015!). Curious to see if I can beat my 32:34 I got with Bournemouth Arrows in 2009. I'd really like to ride my first "ton" (Enter the the best local event! Sunday 10 July ESCA 100, organised by Bob, supported by Brighton Excelsior CC. Ask Steve Kane  - Winner 2013 with 3h 50m 51s.)

Ed English: I'm never going to make the club ride every week but at least once or twice a month would be good. Commute every day on bike, even when I'm tired and it's raining. Do my first TT. I try and have a cycling trip every two years and this year it's Tenerife in September so I'll need to get fit for that, oh and really enjoyed the overnight Brighton-London-Brighton last year so that’s a definite again. (The Club is off to Lanzarote for a cycling week on Feb 27th)

John Towhill: Participate in an Audax. Cycle from Brighton to my home town of Penarth, in a day, 200 miles. Ride my bike faster! (The club is planning to run an Audax this year, we will probably do a 3rd Brighton-London-Brighton night ride and a Sunday century has been discussed.)

Robert Harber: Mont Ventoux (right); organise that Audax event: ride 6000 miles. And then, after lunch, read 'Obsessive Compulsive Cycling Disorder' book.

Ed English: It's a good book, highly recommended and I'd love to do Ventoux too, don't think it's going to happen this year though. Be interested in a club Audax.

Cam Vallance: I've read it. A lot. Often.

Robert Harber: Oh, and arrange that century ride - I have one on the shelf ready! ...Can't do Dunwich Dynamo this year (3 line whip on a family wedding) but that's in for 2017.

Dean Wilson: More café stops!

Robert Harber: Riding today and planned a coffee, but as the rain increased we pushed for home!

Dean Wilson: Don't blame you, Bob, it was horrid out there today. (Yep, 3 hours of howling wind and solid rain - See Rules #5 and, more importantly #9 see below).

Gary James: Get fit, learn to climb, then ride in the Pyrenees.....

Daniel Bianco: Now I've got the TT bug I'd like to aim for a 25 min time for the 10 miles. I'd also like to do at least 4/5 sportives this year and cycle as many miles as possible.

Nick Alexander: Marmotte...Haute Route and Cat 2...better get on my bike then!

Alan Coom: Up mileage. Not be so ill and beast Steve up the Bostal. Now that's how you do optimism!

Steve Kane: This is getting personal now Alan! Ha. Sub 4:20 this year?

Alan Coom: I will try my best. Oh and no evil tricks like tacks, moving the finish line, changing start times etc... Oh and I may just double check for that motor?! (Steve joked about a motor hidden in his bottom bracket after the New Year TT)

Martin Naylor: More long rides, I want a sub 25 minute 10 mile TT. A sub 6 minute Bostal. A vastly reduced century PB and maybe a double century too. Plus, I may try to work Mont Ventoux into my Summer holiday…

Stan Cox: I want to beat every month's distance total (638km for January) and take part in more organised events. I missed that last year. I am also going to try to TT again to which point I have bought some clip on Tri bars today.

Cam Vallance: To keep bombing around on my CX. That is all.

Nick Grice: To get back in the saddle and out on a Sunday. Cycle to work again once I move and do a few more sportives. Interested in Brighton London Brighton. Perhaps we can choose a better night this time. (The one we eventually rode on was fabulous - but yes!)

Jack Churchill: Being a tad optimistic here but...I'd love to break the Juvenile 10mile club record (22:18). I'd also like to do my first century (hopefully under 5.5hours) I'd really want to do a couple more Road races possibly some at Cyclopark.

Alan Coom: Thinking about it more...After the op I will do a sub 4:40 up the Bostal, I will get back to 64kgs (hope to keep power unlike last year), to do a 25mile is sub 1hr, to do a 10 in sub 23min. Speak to me next year and we will see where it all went wrong...

Ed English: The advantage of never having done a TT is whatever time I do my first one will be a new PB


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